Sunday, September 26, 2010

Egyptian Food and Cooking

Main Recipe Categories
appetizer recipes - appetizers, antipasto,mezze or tapas recipes, these dishes waken the taste buds
basics - recipes for the underpinning of a meal or a dish
breakfast recipes - cereal and breadstuffs with special pages:
eggs leftover  
hard-boiled eggs
soup recipes - both hot and cold recipes main course recipes
seafood recipes the wide  variety of fish and shellfish recipes
shrimp recipes - a special page for a popular favorite
lobster - a special page for another popular favorite
poultry recipes - chicken turkey and other birds
meat recipes -  start with beef
lamb recipes
pork recipes
meat- ball recipes - for a  variety of meatball recipes
hot dogs
pasta recipes - a to z, from angel hair to ziti, Italian regional recipes
grain recipes - rice for pilaf to risotto, healthy quinoa and other grains
bean recipes beans of every sort and bean product,
and a special page for tofu recipes
vegetable recipes - from a to z with special pages:  
zucchini and summer squash
dessert recipes - our favorite sweets with special pages for:
ice cream
salsa, chutney & relish recipes
jams & jellies
salad & salad dressing

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